SP Environment Club holds a number of events each year, from internal to external events to promote the message of saving the environment no matter how small the change may be. As step-by-step, we believe anyone can make that difference!

You can take a look at our past events and find out what upcoming events we'll be having soon!

Want to know a bit more regarding CCA points? There's an explanation below!

In SP Environment Club, members are able to gain CCA points through events, as Environment Club is an event-based CCA. Events such as bonding day, AGM, community services and other internal and external events.

However, members must make sure they have properly signed up to be part of the club and give their details correctly to the secretary to key in as participants of the events to receive their CCA points.

Community service gives members participation and community service points depending on whether the event meets the required criteria. You can ask our secretary and event committee for more information!